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Rules & Regulations

1.      Children who have completed the age of 31/2 years are eligible for admission to L.K.G. and those who have completed 5 years are eligible for First Standard.

2.      The Birth Certificate should be accompanied with the application form.

3.      Children coming from other schools will have to produce Transfer Certificate and Birth Certificate

4.      Students are selected on the basis for entrance test and interview.

5.      Each student should bring this Diary to school every day.

6.      Students should come to school in uniform daily except on Saturdays.

7.      All students should assemble for the School Prayer at 9.15 a.m.

8.      Late comers will not be admitted into the class with out the written permission of the Principal.

9.      Leave letters should be sent with signature of the parents.

10.  After 10 days of continual absence without permission the absentee’s name will be struck off from the rolls.

11.  Students should take care of their belongings. (The school will not be responsible for the loss of articles)

12.  Any damage caused to school property by a student must be made good by the parent.

13.  Parents or relatives are not allowed to meet the children or the teachers during school hours. If necessary they are allowed to do so with the permission of the Principal.

14.  Parents should contact only the Principal, not the teachers.

15.  No student may leave the campus during school hours without permission of the Principal.

16.  It is the duty of the parents to see whether their children are doing the home works daily.

17.  Parents are requested to pay the fess on or before 5th of every month. Fees for April & May are payable before the annual Examination begins.

18.  Conveyance fare will be collected separately in advance for every month on the basis of distance.

19.  Students will not be allowed to sit for the Examination if fess have not been paid up fully.

20.  New pattern of Valuation: Both external and internal tests will be conducted and both marks will be included for the total marks of 100. Absence during both external and internal tests is strictly restricted and Retests will not be conducted to the absentees. Also 50% is the minimum pass mark in every subject.

21.  Promotion to the next class is given on the basis of the year’s work. Hence the stress will be on regularity, examination marks, home work and attendance. The final examination confirms the effort of the pupil.

22.  Students should converse only in English inside the school campus.

23.  Note: Children must not wear Gold Ornaments.